Sunday, 31 October 2010

Robert Ogilvie Crombie and Findhorn

A few months ago I kept on thinking about Elemental beings, and being strongly attracted to a book called Meeting Fairies, as I visited two book shops in my area. Eventually the urge to buy the book got the better of me. So like a good girl, I went into the shopping centre and bought the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in reading about the elemental kingdom. I had already a little experience and knowledge of the Elemental kingdom prior to buying the book . So I didn't find the contents strange at all. Readers of my blog and this book need to keep an open mind about such things. This is a real spirit realm, one of many realms I must add. Just because you may not be able to see these beings does not mean they don't exist. Have any of you ever seen God? Can you prove beyond a doubt that he exists, even though you believe in him? It is all the same, we are talking about the beautiful world of Spirit.
Robert O Crombie, Roc to his friends, was born  Edinburgh, Scotland  in  1899 and died in 1975. He became involved in a place called The Findhorn garden, which is in the far north of Scotland.
Findhorn is a popular place of interest still today. They also have a website for you to view.  and

By the way here is the ISBN number  for Meeting Fairies   978-1-74175-990-7

I have a deep love for nature and gardening in general so my garden is a place to relax and connect with nature. I feel uplifted and alive just being in my garden. I am also lucky to live near the Australian Botanical Gardens here in Canberra. As a teenager I got to visit the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and the Inverewe Botanical Gardens in the north of Scotland, To me it is a wonderful experience to visit nice gardens and to see people with smiles on their faces as they stroll through the gardens.